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Hierarchy of Effects model diagram




Diagram of balanced scorecard





Ladder of customer loyalty diagram





Diagram of the consumer purchase process






Ansoff's matrix diagram






Porter's generic strategies diagram






SMART Objectives Diagram









Marketing Definitions & Environment

Marketing Defintion

Marketing Orientations & Concepts

The Marketing Environment

PEST Analysis

Micro-Environmental Factors (Stakeholder Analysis)

Ethical Marketing

Environmental Marketing Mix


Marketing Mix And Marketing Strategy

Marketing mix What is it?





Promotional Mix Expanded

Perceptual Map

Role of Advertising Agencies

Message and Media Strategy

Packaging Strategies

Service Marketing

Service Marketing Mix


Selecting Brand Name

Buzz Marketing

Ambush Marketing

White Labeling

Product Placement

Product Objectives

Hierarchy of Effects Model


Push and Pull Strategy

Sound Marketing

Consumer Buying Behaviour

Consumer Goods

Scent Marketing


Marketing Research

Market and Marketing Research


Secondary Research

Primary Research

Questionnare Design: Types of questions

Why Develop New Products

New Product Development

Mystery Shopper

Observational Research

Ethnographic Research

Competitor Analysis

Core Competency


Marketing Tools and Models

Product Life Cycle

Types of Product Life Cycles

Ansoffs Matrix

SWOT Analysis

BCG Analysis

Generic Strategy

Value Chain Analysis

Five Forces Model

Force Field Analysis

Diffusion of Innovations

Balanced Scorecard


Business Objectives

SMART Objectives

Objectives, Strategy and Planning

Marketing Budgets

Marketing plan: What is it and structure


Service Marketing Mix

Service Marketing: Characteristics of a Service

Service Marketing Mix


Relationship Marketing

Relationship Marketing

Benefits of Relationship Marketing

Ladder of Customer Loyalty

Customer Services

Components of Customer Services

Managing Customer Services Online

Internal Marketing

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Personal Selling


Internet Marketing

Emarketing Mix

Website Optimisation

Viral Marketing

Marketing and smartphones

Benefits of internet marketing for the business

Benefits of internet marketing for the customer

Relationship marketing and the internet

Internet marketing and objectives

Marketing With Social Networking Sites


Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Requirements of segmentation



Market Targeting


International Marketing

International Marketing

International Marketing Environment

International Marketing Entry

International Marketing Mix



Marketing Stategies within the Games Console Industry

Ipad and PC Tablet marketing

The Marketing of Mobile Phone Handsets

Marketing for Personal Trainers

OFCOM: Consumers in the UK are spending 45% of their waking hours either watching TV, using mobiles and other communication devices.


French Version

Qu'est-ce que le marketing

Marketing Mix Des Services

Strategies Produit

Strategies de Prix

Place des Stratégies

Les Stratégies de Promotion

Objectifs SMART

Matrice d'Ansoff

L'analyse SWOT

cycle de vie du produit

Matrice BCG

La segmentation du marché

La segmentation du marché Part Deux



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